Building Power

African Immigrant Caucus

Building Power in the Metro-DC Area

While the number of African immigrants in the U.S. is large, our community does not have the strong influence with political and corporate leaders we deserve.

We want to do something to change this fact, and believe that now is the time and Metro-DC—the number one gathering spot for African immigrants across the United States—is the place.

The Metro-DC African Immigrant Caucus includes representatives from many African countries, giving us a unique opportunity to lead the way for African immigrants across the country.


Common Issues Require United Effort

Other ethnic groups have a seat at the table and are getting their issues heard — why not Africans?

Nobody will do this for us…we must do it ourselves!

Political power matters and politicians take notice when a large voting block works together to impact them in the community — and at the ballot box.


AIC Townhall Meeting

AIC Townhall Meeting

REGISTER AT EVENT BRITE:  Are you an African immigrant? A member of the Diaspora? Do you have family or friends who are? Do you live in Montgomery County? Do you have issues to raise with the County? If yes, then AIC has organized...

AIC Convention Video Promotion

Join the African Immigrant Caucus for its very first convention on Oct. 25 from 9am-6pm.
Location: Bethel World Outreach New Location
16227 Batchellors Forest Road
Olney, MD 20832

Convention Tickets Available Here!!!

Convention Tickets Available Here!!!

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE The African Immigrant Caucus invites you to join us on October 25th for our first convention. With your help, we will develop strategies in moving forward...

Our Plan of Action


Build African immigrant power across ethnicity, language, tribal affiliation, and political party.
Determine our people’s most pressing needs through a grassroots process of listening sessions in our congregations, ethnic clubs, and neighborhoods.
Create concrete demands that reflect what we learn.
Gather thousands of African immigrants for “Accountability Assemblies” with elected officials to inform and plan action on the concrete demands determined through our grassroots listening sessions.

Ensure our elected officials deliver on the concrete commitment they made to us.


Immigrants from Africa

constitute a diverse and rapidly growing group in the United States. As Census data demonstrate, the African foreign-born population has doubled in size in recent years, increasing from 800,000 in 2000 to 1.6 million by 2010.

As our numbers grow, so does our need to speak out and work together to ensure that our voices are heard where it counts in the community and across the country.


The Metro-DC African Immigrant Caucus

is a growing network of African immigrant institutions that have come together to effect change through the power of our numbers.

Launched in November 2013, the group consists of community, clergy, and business leaders who believe African immigrants in Diaspora need a voice in the political system.

Your Participation is Crucial

Every day, decisions are being made that will impact the African immigrant community. We cannot stand by while other groups act. By  participating in this movement, you can improve your life and that of your family. By acting together, we can force politicians to recognize and respect our power, giving us a meaningful seat at the power table.

Make Your Voice Heard

Join us in making real change happen. Our five-part plan of action offers a wide array of opportunities for involvement. Find out how you can add your voice and increase the volume of the African immigrant community by contacting us today!

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Add your voice!

We cannot effect change without being heard.
Speaking as one strong group will increase our influence and make change possible.

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