Olney Declaration Signed at the AIC Convention

Olney Declaration Signed at the AIC Convention




OCTOBER 25, 2014


We, servant-leaders of the New African Diaspora in the United States, women and men, did assemble here in Olney, Maryland this October day. We held hands. We prayed. We broke bread. Above all, we put heads together and jointly charted the course for our community’s fateful journey.


Throughout this long day, our deliberations themselves constituted a mini-journey. It succeeded because it was guided by a few principles. These are the tested principles that always enable Africans of every time and place to survive and prevail in the teeth of great adversity. On its fateful forward journey, our community will be protected by those same ancient African principles: Unity and Togetherness; Open-mindedness and Thoughtfulness; Honesty and Respect; Faith and Resilience; Wisdom and Service.


Sacred pledges form the heart of this Olney Declaration. We therefore, here today, on our own behalf, on our community’s behalf, and on behalf all the future generations of the New Diaspora in America promise that as the essence of our community’s journey:


  • We shall unceasingly build-up our community so it more closely resembles the vibrant, thriving family of our dreams;


  • We shall respect our unbreakable African bond, and shall always stress Pan-African unity and inclusiveness;


  • We shall be vigilant in defending and protecting our community’s enlightened interests;


  • We shall pursue effective, mutually beneficial alliances and coalitions with all communities and groups;


  • We shall extend a warm, sisterly hand toward Africa’s other Diasporas, especially toward the one Diaspora to which we are joined at the hip, the heroic, resilient African-American community;


  • We shall meet fully our duty to the United States, the land that continues to give us home and opportunities;


  • And we shall never forget to continuously thank Africa, our Mother.


  • Above all, we shall develop and speak with a wise and collective Voice. To speak for ourselves. To tell our own story. To effect positive change; to build a better world for all.


  • With all that we hold dear, we declare this in front of the world.