Who we Are

The Metro-DC African Immigrant Caucus (AIC) is a growing network of African immigrant institutions that have come together to effect change through the power of our numbers.  Launched in November 2013, the group consists of community, clergy, and business leaders who believe African immigrants in Diaspora need a voice in the political system as other ethnic groups (e.g., Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, Jewish Americans, etc.) have done in the past.


Rapid Growth

African-Born Population in the U.S. Increases Since 1970

Building Power in the Metro-DC Area

While the number of African immigrants in the U.S. is large, our community does not have the strong influence with political and corporate leaders we deserve.

We want to do something to change this fact, and believe that now is the time and Metro-DC—the number one gathering spot for African immigrants across the United States—is the place.

The Metro-DC African Immigrant Caucus includes representatives from many African countries, giving us a unique opportunity to lead the way for African immigrants across the country.

Common Issues Require United Effort

Other ethnic groups have a seat at the table and are getting their issues heard — why not Africans?
Nobody will do this for us…we must do it ourselves!

Political power matters and politicians take notice when a large voting block works together to impact them in the community — and at the ballot box.


Our Plan of Action

1. Build Power

Build African immigrant power across ethnicity, language, tribal and national affiliation, and political party.

2. Determine Needs

Determine our people’s most important and urgent needs through a grassroots process of listening in our congregations, organizations, and neighborhoods.

3. Create Demands

Create and present concrete demands based on our sessions.

4. Take Action

Gather African immigrants for assemblies with elected officials to inform them and to demand action on the concrete demands determined through our grassroots listening sessions.

5. Hold Accountable

Ensure our elected officials deliver on the concrete commitments they make to us.


Black Education on the Rise

Population Age 25 and Older With Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Leadership and Board of Directors

AIC is the brainchild of Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, D.Min., D.D., the Presiding Bishop of Bethel World Outreach Ministries International.  Bishop Johnson casted a vision for African immigrants as New Americans who must make their voices heard through participation in the political process of the United States in order to achieve recognition and power (political and economic) as other ethnic groups in the United States.  To move this vision forward, with the help of organizers from Action in Montgomery, he mobilized leaders and individuals in the business, political, religious, and education communities and community organizers to envision, imagine, and crystalize this vision for African immigrants. The June 8th, 2014 Assembly that turned out over 1500 African immigrants marked the beginning of AIC.